Important notice!

We are currently unable to offer compatibility or technical support for our plug-ins.

You can still download the free plug-ins, try out the demo plug-ins and purchase licenses and we do provide administrative support (i.e. providing downloads and missing license information).

Make sure to try out the demo of the plug-in you want before purchasing a license for it.



  • Backlighting
    One of the best series of the decade, X-Files, is using this simple effect so it can't be bad now can it? In fact, it's actually very cool!
  • Design sketch lines
    Shows how to easily add design lines to text, similar to our old logo.
  • Exact crop
    Ever had to manually try and cut out a blurred image for display on your web page? Failed a million times leaving half finished shadows or not-so-much-motion blur or ending up with way-too-large pictures? Learn how to do it the exact way.