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You can still download the free plug-ins, try out the demo plug-ins and purchase licenses and we do provide administrative support (i.e. providing downloads and missing license information).

Make sure to try out the demo of the plug-in you want before purchasing a license for it.

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Halftone Plugin Example 2.2 Screenshot 1.
Using heavy waves, big dots and a spotlight source mode to create a unique frame.

Halftone Plugin Example 2.2 Screenshot 2.
Part of a larger project using music-themed custom shapes which can be seen in the examples.
Using 179° shape rotation jitter to randomly rotate the shapes at any angle.

Halftone Plugin Example 2.2 Screenshot 3.
Demonstrating the custom butterfly shape with jitter and mirroring and the gradient source mode.

Halftone Plugin Example 2.2 Screenshot 4.
Fine-tuned radial wave to enhance skin lines.
Uses "source image" background mode for see-through effect.