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Example Description
Oldmovie Plugin Example Showgirl Before.
Oldmovie Plugin Example Showgirl After.
This scene of showgirl from a theater play is quickly transformed into an authentic looking Western-area photograph. 
Oldmovie Plugin Example Bigfoot Before.
Oldmovie Plugin Example Bigfoot After.
We didn't have any fancy family automobiles in my day.
If we wanted to go somewhere, we went by foot. Bigfoot that is. 
Oldmovie Plugin Example M16 Eagle Nebula. Who needs hubble? Pictures of this famous nebula have been around for ages.
Oldmovie Plugin Example Prom Queen. Would you believe this girl looks as pretty now as she did back then? 
Oldmovie Plugin Example Stonehenge. Nobody knows exactly how old Stonehenge is, but atleast here's prove it existed in the late 19th century.
Oldmovie Plugin Example Sunflower. Stop-frame animations of blossoming sunflowers wasn't possible, yet they did it anyway.

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