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Beauty comes with age.

Make your pictures look aged in seconds. Using the OldMovie™ plug-in, it is easy to create aged pictures and film stills that look like they were made decades ago.

You have a large set of effects at your disposal to create exactly the effect you want. Lower the quality of the film by adding grain, using high color sensitivity, changing color quality and more. Change the result of camera and lens by adding defocus and vignette effects. You can even change development effects.

You can change the frames of movies by hand. Just use the random features such as jitter and scratches.

In real life, using a film or picture will make it look worn. With OldMovie, even the result of wear and tear can be simulated. From dust clods from the air to fat stains from finger prints. And even hairs of any type and color can be added. Finish up the perfect movie reel by adding scratches, caused by a film projector.

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OldMovie works with most applications compatible with PhotoShop plug-ins for Windows™.
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