My registration information for plug-in isn't retained.

Most likely you are using some security software that hinders the registration.
Our plug-ins store their registration information in the Windows™ registry, some security software  blocks or reverts changes to the registry at certain points in time.
Please consult the manual of your security software if they have any sort of registry protection. Most likely you can disable it temporarily or allow specific programs (in this case the graphics application you're using) to change the registry.

If you are trying to use our plug-ins on a system administered by somebody else (i.e. in a corporate environment) or you are using Windows without administrator rights, most likely Windows itself is blocking access to the registry and you should contact the administrator to help you.

If your particular system only allows you to edit the registry by hand then please contact us and we can help you out.

Is plug-in available for the Mac?

None of our current plug-ins is available for the Apple Mac computers, including old 68x, PowerPC, G3/G4/G5 and current Intel machines.
Due to the large investments required to support the Mac platform, we don't expect to release our plug-ins for the Mac any time soon.
As soon as it becomes financially viable to support Macs, however, we will do so.

Installation does not recognize my graphics application.

There are a number of possible reasons for this.

  1. You are trying to install as the wrong user. Most companies and serious users will run Windows as a restricted user for increased security. Depending on the graphics application, it may not be detected for the user you are currently logged in as. You can choose to install as a different user by right-clicking on the installer and selecting the "Run as" option, where you can specify a different user (and password if required).
  2. The application requires a "deep scan". Some applications require the installation to search the hard disks for it. Since this is a very time consuming process, it must be started manually. You can do this by clicking on the top-right computer icon. Please note that it may take a while to complete.
  3. The application cannot be recognized. Typically this happens with very old graphics applications which cannot yet be detected or which are no longer available for us to research. Another option is that the application is simply unknown to us. This may happen with obscure or specialized applications or versions just released. A third possibility is that the specific version of the graphics application does not support plug-ins. There are a few applications (notably old versions of Fireworks™) which had bugs introduced the plug-in support, making specific versions incompatible.
    If you think your graphics application should be recognized, then please contact us with the vendor name, application name and the version number of the application so we can research it.