Make waves!

With the Harmonix™ plug-in, you can mix harmonic frequencies into complex waves.

Harmonix renders a single, horizontal line on the image, but this is no ordinary line. It is the result of superimposing up to ten separate harmonic frequencies, scaled to the screen.

You can change the up to ten harmonic frequencies in both amplitude (volume/height) and phase (offset/shift) and have precise control over the base frequency.

Use it to create realistic graphs or demonstrate how to create other basic waveforms from nothing but carefully selected harmonic frequencies.

From the harmonic sine waves you can mix together the "primitive" square, saw tooth and triangle waves but also more complex combinations.

To learn more about the features of Harmonix and it's technical details, click here.

Harmonix requires a Photoshop™ plug-in compatible graphics applications on Windows™. For a complete overview of compatible applications, click here.